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VT-5000 & VT-7000 "The CompletePress"

Model No  VT-5000  VT-7000    
Description  Pneumatic MembraneTank Press   Pneumatic MembraneTank Press    
Basic Dimensions        
Length (mm)  4670  5670    
Width (mm)  2150   2150    
Height (mm)  2200  2200    
Tank Type & Diam (mm)  S/S 1450 OD  S/S 1450 OD    
Door Options        
Automatic  Yes  Yes    
Manual  No  No    
Loading Methods        
Door  Yes  Yes    
Axial  Yes  Yes    
Load Capacity (Litres)        
Whole Bunch 5000  7000    
Destemmed / Crushed  10000  15000    
Fermented Drained Reds  15000  21000    
Rotary Fermentation Ability Yes  Yes    
Operating Pressures  Variable up to 2 Bar  Variable up to 2 Bar    
Air Supply (Cfm)  Remote  Remote    
Electronic Control System Type  Touch Screen  Touch Screen    
Program Menus  14 14    
Programmable Steps  200  200    
Power Supply        
Single Phase  No  No    
Three Phase  Yes  Yes    
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